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Welcome to Made by Me by the Sea

Home of Art Deco and Vintage style art, gifts and home styling


From Art Deco architecture to Flourishing Flower Power, Vicky’s unique approach seamlessly blends Art Deco elegance, vintage allure, and the vibrant beauty of Sussex’s wildflowers. One thing that connects them all is the meticulous attention to detail in visuals and historic research, inviting you into a world where every piece tells a story.

Her eco-conscious creations, including the 1m wide Limited Edition “Coastal Collage of Worthing” (Timeless Tapestry) and the Sussex Flower Power collection, celebrate the splendour of nature and history. These pieces, showcased at Montague Gallery and Brighton City Airport, draw from the rich Art Deco heritage of Casablanca, offering a nostalgic journey through time.

Perfect for nature lovers and vintage enthusiasts, Vicky’s collection spans art, gifts, home decor, and unique clothing, merging timeless elegance with the vibrant beauty of Sussex. Hailed in the Wealden and Surrey Times ‘Must List’, her work invites you to discover the magic of art and history intertwined.

Step into a world of artistic wonder with Vicky’s creations, where history and nature’s beauty come together in a harmonious blend. Shop now to bring a piece of this timeless elegance and vibrant floral beauty into your space.

Framed Art Deco Art & Canvases

Love the Style? Let’s Create Something Unique for You!

Captivated by the Art Deco elegance of this design? Imagine having a unique piece, tailor-made just for you! I’m excited to offer custom design commissions, where your vision meets my artistic expertise. Use this link to select a commission package that’s right for you, or call Vicky Anne Vaughan on 07909 693172 to bring your idea to life.

Shop all my designs on RedBubble

See an Art Deco design you like?  My designs below are a direct feed from my Redbubble shop which sells anything from mugs, t-shirts, blankets and other stunning home decor. The prices shown are taken from one of many products chosen at random. They often promote seasonal offers, and it is worth bookmarking this page.