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15 Art Deco Tube Stations by architect Charles Holden are Restored to their Former Glory by Digital Artist, Vicky Anne Vaughan.

I love my trips to London from the South Coast. Until now, I hadn’t really thought of London as lots of little village communities – I enjoyed reading about each place, especially East Finchley. Last week, I travelled along the Piccadilly Line almost all the way to Heathrow Airport.

Also, another interesting fact is that most of Charles Holden’s Art Deco architecture I have drawn to date is on the Piccadilly Line. Below is a list of the tube stations I have drawn, with something I found interesting about each one. The one common thread that ties them all together is how beautiful these Art Deco buildings look without street clutter. I have restored these buildings to their former glory, by repairing all the paintwork and removing the restrictive and negative signage. They are available as Framed Art and Gifts on my Art Deco Underground Tube Station shop. Please note, my shop is work in progress.

  • Acton Town Underground Tube Station (District/Piccadilly Line): This was the first tube station I drew. This is one of my favourite tube stations. I love how the light shines through the upper section of the tube station because of windows in the rear. Acton Town used to be called SoapSuds Island because of all the laundries (Source:
  • Arnos Grove Tube Station (Piccadilly Line): I love the round shape of Arnos Grove Tube Station, in the London Borough of Enfield. This is proclaimed to be one of Charles Holden’s finest works. The round shape presented a challenge for me and I learned how to add an image to a conical shape. However, my iMac struggled with the rendering.
  • Balham Tube Station (Northern Line): This is a sad tale. It was bombed in the war causing a crater. Here is a link to a photo of a bus in the crater. Through this site, I discover lots of wartime photos.
  • Bounds Green Tube Station (Piccadilly Line): This is a popular shape for Charles. I always wonder what his design brief was. This shape is similar to Clapham South, Ealing Common, and Hounslow West.
  • Boston Manor Tube Station (Piccadilly Line): Boston Manor is completely different from the others. The 70ft tall tower helps the single story building be seen from a distance.
  • Chiswick Park Tube Station (District Line): Another round tube station and another challenge for my computer. It is an eye-catching shape and this station looks as beautiful inside as it does outside.
  • Clapham Common Tube Station (Northern Line): This is a cute shape. Clapham Common looks like it has a tea cozy on the top.
  • Clapham South Tube Station (Northern Line): Clapham South, very similar to Balham, Colliers Wood and Hounslow West. Using a lighter material all over. The angle of the top section differs between the other tube stations.
  • Cockfosters Tube Station (Piccadilly Line): Another single storey building. The 1930s Planning Department’s height restrictions were stricter.
  • Colliers Wood Tube Station (Northern Line): Another lighter material and the eye-catching angled design. Once again, the angle is slightly different to the other stations.
  • Ealing Common Tube Station  (District/Piccadilly Line): Another angled building. You will note too that that I have changed the retailers signage to be in keeping with the the building. Many of the tube stations had brown wooden doors, so I have given the shops this look and feel. The whole appearance is more soothing to the eye.
  • Eastcote Tube Station  (Metropolitan/Piccadilly Line) This building is similar to Acton Town and Northfields Tube Stations. I like the simplicity of these shapes.
  • East Finchley Tube Station (Northern Line): This is another of my favourites because I love the eye shape in the window and The Archer statue which was unveiled in 1940.
  • Hounslow Tube Station (Piccadilly Line): Similar to Ealing Common, but once again, there are subtle differences in the angle. I like that the original doors have stayed. You will note that most tube station doors have been replaced by sliding black doors.
  • Northfields Tube Station (Piccadilly Line): Finally on this batch, we have Northfields. I like all the brick pillars inside the station.

I love all these Art Deco buildings or I would not have drawn them. I hope you agree that it would take that much to restore them to this quality in real life. All these illustrations will soon be available as framed prints and gifts. It takes me a while to do this, so if there is one you are desperate to purchase, then please contact me via my contact form.

If my Art Deco Underground Tube Stations prove popular, I will create similar illustrations for the rest of Charles Holden’s Art Deco tube stations which include the following:

  • Oakwood Underground Tube Station (Piccadilly Line)
  • Osterley Underground Tube Station (Piccadilly Line) 
  • Piccadilly Circus Underground Tube Station (Bakerloo and Piccadilly Lines)
  • Rayer’s Lane Underground Tube Station (Metropolitan and Piccadilly Lines)
  • Redbridge Underground Tube Station (Central Line)
  • South Wimbledon Underground Tube Station (Northern Line)
  • Southgate Underground Tube Station (Piccadilly Line)
  • Sudbury Hill Underground Tube Station (Piccadilly Line)
  • Sudbury Town Underground Tube Station (Piccadilly Line)
  • Tooting Bec Underground Tube Station (Northern Line)
  • Turnpike Lane Underground Tube Station (Piccadilly Line)
  • Uxbridge Underground Tube Station (Piccadilly Line)
  • Wood Green Underground Tube Station (Piccadilly Line)
Please contact me if you have any questions.
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