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New Artistic Jewel in Montague Gallery: Vicky Vaughan Debuts Detailed 1m Collage, A Timeless Homage to Worthing’s Architectural Elegance
Digital Artist Restoring Vintage Architecture through Uplifting Design. Smiles Guaranteed!

New Artistic Jewel in Montague Gallery: Vicky Vaughan Debuts Detailed 1m Collage, A Timeless Homage to Worthing’s Architectural Elegance

Worthing, 3rd October 2023 — Celebrated graphic designer and artistic spirit, Vicky Vaughan, intricately intertwines the vintage allure of Worthing with the timeless grace of 1930s Art Deco in her newest creation. Starting from 10th October, Vicky’s exquisitely detailed 1m collage, a homage to Worthing’s stunning architectural and natural elements, will be available for purchase at Montague Gallery.

Distinguished landmarks like Marine Gardens Lawn Bowls, Heene Terrace, and Worthing Dome Cinema are masterfully illustrated, each unfolding a story of Worthing’s charming architectural narrative. The detailed collage offers a narrative journey where fresh, hidden details—such as trees created from photographed Worthing seaweed and wave patterns inspired by Worthing streetlight posts—are revealed upon closer inspection.

“I am thrilled to offer a piece that embeds Worthing’s unique elements, creating an immersive and evocative representation of the town’s architectural and natural beauty,” says Vicky.

This inaugural 1 metre framed and mounted edition will be limited to 150 prints, offering a distinct collector’s item at £450. With each edition featuring a unique architectural composition, every print becomes its own story of Worthing.

Vicky Vaughan: Commissioning Personalised Narratives Through Art

Vicky is delighted to announce that, in addition to offering her detailed prints, she is also accepting commissions for personalised creations.

“Art becomes a dialogue, a conversation between creator and observer, and crafting something that embeds personal and collective memories is a beautiful process,” shares Vicky.

Clients seeking to capture the essence of spaces, beloved landmarks, or imaginative concepts are invited to explore a collaborative creative process, wherein Vicky brings her detailed, locally-infused Art Deco style to bear on commissioned pieces.

About Vicky Vaughan and Made By Me By The Sea

Transitioning from a celebrated three-decade career in graphic design to an emotive artistic journey during the pandemic, Vicky Vaughan created the Made By Me By The Sea collection. Merging her love for architectural patterns with her signature Art Deco style, and blending them with authentic local elements, each piece becomes an uplifting visual celebration of landscapes and memories.

Media Contact:

Name: Vicky Anne Vaughan

Title: Digital Artist specialising in Uplifting Heritage


Phone: 07909 693172


Please contact me if you have any questions.

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