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Thank you Elaine Hammond, Elaine Hammond, Communities Champion Sussex West of National World for printing my story: “Unleash Your Niche: Worthing woman takes a leaf out of her own book to launch Made By Me By The Sea”.

Here’s a little background information for those who don’t know about Talent Within You. In 2010, I launched Talent Within You to inspire teens to unleash their niche. The first teen events were Worthing Idol which took the form of an annual talent contest, held over two years. These were like X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, with much kinder judges. They were held at Worthing Lido and St Marks Church in Worthing. My local customers will know that I have recently drawn a visualisation illustration of how I’d love Worthing Lido to look.

Later in 2019, I launched Phase II of Talent Within You. I combined my creative niche, coaching and marketing expertise to create a series of seven workshops, attracting world-class sponsors who offered exciting incentives for teen members, including sitting in a McLaren car, plus exciting venues and workshops at including McLaren Automotive in Woking, Glendale Theatre Arts, and The Fat Greek Restaurant. We measured smiles and feelings at the workshops and totted up that each workshop boosted teen happiness by an average of 35% at each session. My dream is to make this happen globally.

Talent Within You was mainly funded by me plus a £1500 grant from Worthing Community Chest. Incidentally, I am now working with WCC as a Grants and Partnership Lead connecting our Worthing Community. 

My plan is that I will gain enough proceeds from my creative talents to enable me to launch Phase III of Talent within You, which is in the planning stage as we speak. 

So each product you purchase from my collections will be supporting the teen community to unleash their niche as well as me!

Please enjoy browsing my website, I accept commissions, and offer a generous discount if you allow me to sell the illustration afterward. You are guaranteed to have the first print. Contact me for further details. 




Talent Within You founder Vicky Vaughan at McLaren Automotive in Woking

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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