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Timeless Tapestry of Worthing: A Limited Edition Collage measuring 1m in Framed Giclée or Box Canvas

Original price was: £490.00.Current price is: £490.00.

This is available at Montague Gallery, Portland Road in Worthing at £490.00.

Delve into the vibrant spirit of Worthing with Timeless Tapestry of Worthing – a masterful 1m collage by acclaimed artist Vicky Vaughan, where every detail invites you to wander through the town's rich architectural history and coastal charm.

  • Intricate Craftsmanship: Vicky’s artistry brings together meticulous depictions of over 15 renowned local architecture, from Marine Gardens Lawn Bowls to Worthing Dome Cinema to Beach House. Each structure is portrayed with impeccable detail, inviting the observer into a textured, visual narrative where each gaze uncovers new, hidden nuances and tales of Worthing’s charming architectural narrative.
  • Local Inspiration: Timeless Tapestry of Worthing is not just a piece of art, but a piece of Worthing itself. Trees sculpted from photographed Worthing seaweed, sea waves patterned after the town’s street light posts, and shells hand-picked from Worthing Beach all weave into the collage, grounding each piece in the locale’s authentic beauty and spirit.
  • Art Deco with a Twist: The collage is set in the evocative 1930s Art Deco style, blending vintage allure with contemporary flair. Drenched in muted yet enchanting colour palettes, sun rays become a trademark, interacting with clean architectural lines to create a visual experience that’s both timeless and uplifting.
  • Limited Edition: This is a distinct collector’s item, limited to 150 prints, and every piece tells a unique story at a price of £450. With each subsequent print run, new buildings and elements will be introduced, ensuring that every edition preserves a particular, irreplaceable snapshot of Worthing’s architectural landscape.
    Personal and Exclusive: Every print encapsulates memories, emotions, and a particular, irreplaceable moment in time, eternally preserved through Vicky’s distinctive, heartfelt artistry.

Capture a piece of Worthing's timeless charm, gracefully narrated through the nuanced, intricate details of Vicky Vaughan’s 1m collage.

Timeless Tapestry of Worthing isn’t just a piece of art, it's a piece of history, poised to bring joy and evocative memories to your space.

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Captivated by the Art Deco elegance of this design? Imagine having a unique piece, tailor-made just for you! I’m excited to offer custom design commissions, where your vision meets my artistic expertise. Use this link to select a commission package that’s right for you, or call Vicky Anne Vaughan on 07909 693172 to bring your idea to life.