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Art Deco Round Headed Rampion, Pride of Sussex Cushion


Introducing the 'Enchanting Art Deco Rampion' Cushion – a masterpiece that marries the untamed beauty of Sussex with the lavish allure of Art Deco design. This exquisite piece, measuring 16x16 inches (40cm x 40cm), is crafted with a luxurious velvet feel that shimmers subtly, elevating the iconic Round Headed Rampion to a symbol of natural elegance and historical charm. Rendered in a distinctive Art Deco style, this cushion adds a layer of botanical sophistication to any space, inviting the timeless charm of Sussex into your home. The unique design continues on the reverse, ensuring beauty from every angle and offering versatile styling options.

Why You'll Adore This Cushion:

  • Distinctive Art Deco Elegance: Inspired by the bold geometry and sophisticated patterns of the Art Deco era, the cushion features the Round Headed Rampion in a stylized, elegant depiction on both sides, adding vintage glamour to your decor.
  • Luxurious Texture and Comfort: The velvet-like fabric not only offers a gentle shimmer but also ensures a sumptuous softness, making it a delight to touch and rest against.
  • Perfectly Sized for Versatility: At 16x16 inches (40cm x 40cm), it's the ideal size for adding comfort and style to sofas, beds, and armchairs, enhancing your living space with its refined beauty.
  • A Tribute to Sussex's Flora: Celebrating the natural heritage of Sussex, this cushion showcases the Round Headed Rampion, a true emblem of the region's wild flora, in stunning detail and on both sides.
  • An Exquisite Gift: Ideal for those who cherish the blend of art, nature, and design, this double-sided cushion serves as a thoughtful and beautiful gift, offering aesthetic pleasure and practical comfort.

Craftsmanship and Care:

  • Superior Quality Materials: Each cushion is meticulously crafted, ensuring the vibrant Art Deco design is flawlessly presented on the shimmering, velvet-like fabric on both the front and reverse.
  • Built to Last: Designed with both elegance and durability in mind, the 'Enchanting Art Deco Rampion' Cushion maintains its colour and texture through regular use, becoming a long-lasting treasure in your home.
  • Simple Maintenance: The cushion cover can be easily cared for with a soft, damp cloth, preserving its enchanting appearance and ensuring it continues to adorn your home with its unique charm.

Dive into the elegance of the Art Deco period and the serene beauty of Sussex with our 'Enchanting Art Deco Rampion' Luxury velvet feel shimmer cushion. Its perfect dimensions, exquisite double-sided design, and the intricate depiction of the Rampion flower make every moment at home feel more indulgent and aesthetically pleasing, inviting a sense of peace and beauty into your daily life.

4 in stock

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