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While I am setting this product up, please pay and then submit your order details using this link, detailing your preferred choice. Free collection for Worthing residents. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Christmas gift boxes in Silver and Black including glass coaster, coffee mug, and tote bag featuring Art Deco Worthing and Sussex Designs


Craft Your Personalised Christmas Art Deco Gift Set in Four Simple Steps

Your Journey to Elegance in Five Simple Steps

  1. Select Your Tote Bag: Begin your curation with our deluxe totes. Each tote boasts a vivid double-sided print capturing the essence of Worthing & Sussex. With three sizes available, ensure you check our size chart to find your perfect fit. Made from a durable 100% polyester shell, these bags are as resilient as they are stylish, accented with robust cotton shoulder straps.
  2. Pick Your Coaster: Elevate your tabletop with our square striking glass coasters. Measuring a precise 10cm x 10cm, each coaster is a testament to Art Deco grandeur. Designed to protect, they feature plastic pads to keep your precious furniture unscathed.
  3. Decide on Your Mug: A cup that's more than just utility. Our mugs, with a taller body and a wider mouth, are designed to give prominence to both your favourite drink and the Art Deco artwork. Made of dishwasher-safe ceramic, they are practical and beautiful, holding up to 12 oz. (354 ml). Their unique shape, narrowing to 2.5" (6.4 cm) at the base and expanding to 3.6" (9.2 cm) at the top, makes them an aesthetic masterpiece.
  4. Choose your Wrapping: Silver box and black glitter tissue paper, or Black box with teal glitter tissue paper.
  5. Pay and email your order: Once you've made your selections, pay then contact me directly to order your bespoke luxury gift set order. Your personalised Art Deco elegance is just a message away.

Mix & Match or One Design

The power of choice is in your hands. Blend different illustration themes for a diverse set or select one favourite to define your gift. From the cinematic charm of the Worthing Dome Cinema to the serenity of Denton Gardens, Worthing, your options span the breadth of Worthing & Sussex's landmarks.

Quality & Availability

The majority of our illustrations and products are ready for you. On the occasional chance that a bespoke order is required, rest assured of our commitment to a ten-day delivery. And for our cherished customers in Worthing, we offer the privilege of free collection.

An Invitation to Indulgence

Why settle for ordinary when you can immerse in the opulence of the Art Deco era? Let every sip, glance, and touch be a journey to an era of elegance. Begin crafting your luxury today.

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  • Unveiling the Glamour of Worthing & Sussex: Art Deco Luxury Gift Sets Discover the allure of Worthing and Sussex with our luxurious gift sets, infused with the rich legacy of Art Deco designs. Every piece tells a story, seamlessly intertwining history with a modern touch of opulence.Inside Every Luxury Gift Set:
    • Glass Coaster: Measuring 10cm x 10cm, these coasters are a blend of functionality and art. Each design, whether it’s the ethereal Worthing Promenade by Sunset or the majestic Madeira Terrace, Brighton, is meticulously embedded into this glass canvas. Plastic pads ensure your surfaces remain scratch-free.
    • Coffee Mug: Crafted for the art enthusiast and coffee lover alike. Its unique shape – a taller body and a wide mouth – showcases illustrations like the iconic Worthing Dome Cinema or the lively Brighton City Airport in full splendor. Made from dishwasher-safe ceramic, it’s beauty without compromise.
    • Vibrant Tote Bag: Every bag narrates a tale from Worthing & Sussex. Scenes from Denton Gardens to Marine Gardens come alive in vivid prints on both sides. Encased in a 100% polyester shell, it’s resilient yet exudes sophistication. And with varying strap lengths based on size, comfort meets style.

    Packaging Worthy of Royalty: Your chosen treasures are delicately wrapped in sparkling tissue paper shades of black or turquoise, cradled in an elegant black or gleaming silver box, and completed with a raffia ribbon bow.

    Exclusive Offerings: Such luxurious sets are rarities, available solely on our website or during select art market sessions.

    Tailor-Made Illustration Themes: Your set is customizable! Dive into a spectrum of designs:

    • Celebrate cinema with the Worthing Dome Cinema.
    • Experience tranquility with the Worthing Pavilion Theatre by Day and its nocturnal elegance by night.
    • Relive historic aviation at the Brighton City Airport and Croydon Airport.
    • Traverse the scenic beauty of the Worthing Promenade, either sunlit or bathed in sunset hues.
    • And many more…

    Choose individual themes for each product or harmonize your gift set with one favorite design.

    Quality & Timely Delivery: While a wide range of our designs and products are at hand, bespoke orders are crafted with the same dedication, promising delivery within ten days. And for our Worthing patrons, collection is complimentary.

    The Ultimate Gifting Solution Awaits: Elevate every celebration with a touch of Art Deco magnificence. Dive into this journey of art and luxury exclusively at Made by Me by the Sea.

    P.S. For those desiring a feather-light option, our Cotton Tote Bag range beckons.