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Vibrant Art Deco style Fuchsia Orchid Design Cosmetic Bags


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Discover our versatile zipper pouches. The small one is suitable for a purse, and the medium to large pouches are fab for cosmetic and travel bags. Perfect for carrying makeup, pencils, phones, cards, and more. Available in three sizes to suit your needs, this rugged little pouch is made from durable 100% polyester canvas, featuring a secure metal zipper. It's not just practical; it's a style statement with its vibrant, high-quality double-sided design of the Pyramdal Orchid in a vibrant fushia pink set against a lime green background.

Embrace the enchantment of the Sussex countryside with each sip from our 'Art Deco Vintage-style Fuchsia Pyramidal Orchid' coffee mug. This art piece turned daily essential captures the essence of spring with its vibrant fuchsia bloom, a nod to floral splendour and botanical grace. Adorn your home decor with this nature art that marries design with the natural world, perfect for garden enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Savour the flower power and blossom of the Pyramidal Orchid illustration. This mug is a tribute to flower magic, making it an ideal gift for those with a nature lover's heart and an eye for floral patterns. As a female artist, I fuse colourful creative visions with eclectic art, offering you a piece of Art For Sale that's more than just a mug – it's a slice of Sussex Life, ideal for plant lovers and art collectors. Experience the flower art every day or showcase it as a statement piece in your interior design. View more of Vicky's Sussex Flower art, gifts and home decor.

Crafted from robust 100% polyester canvas, this valet is built to last. The metal zipper ensures your belongings are secure, while the fully lined interior adds an extra layer of strength. But it's the design that truly sets it apart – a vibrant, high-quality double-sided print featuring the iconic Pyramidal Orchid, bringing a touch of Sussex's natural elegance to your daily routine.

Not only is this pouch stylish and functional, but it's also easy to care for. Simply give it a cold machine wash and a low tumble dry to keep it looking as good as new. Whether you're out and about or organising at home, our zipper pouches, purses and cosmetic bags are the perfect blend of practicality and Sussex charm.

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Love the Style? Let’s Create Something Unique for You!

Captivated by the Art Deco elegance of this design? Imagine having a unique piece, tailor-made just for you! I’m excited to offer custom design commissions, where your vision meets my artistic expertise. Use this link to select a commission package that’s right for you, or call Vicky Anne Vaughan on 07909 693172 to bring your idea to life.