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Welcome to Made by Me by the Sea which I launched in March 2022. My name is Vicky Anne Vaughan and I’ve been a graphic designer for 30 years, designing logos, websites, brochures and much more, working with clients including Suzuki GB Plc, Stagecoach Bus Group Plc, Royal and Sun Alliance through to business setups and rebranding established companies.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, businesses were not looking for new logos and I found me redundant and depressed. I don’t blame people – I know I was scared of what may happen next – it felt like we were in some strange sci-fi film. Anyway, what’s one to do with all that creative energy? I always loved to experiment creatively, and the pandemic gave me the perfect opportunity. However, it is nerve-wracking to share your personal art with people. What if people laughed at me? After some deliberating, I took a walk to Montague Gallery in Worthing. With much relief, they liked my work and offered me some wall space. This boosted my confidence to no end and has encouraged me to keep drawing and experimenting. I have found the style, with which I am comfortable drawing—an Art Deco style. Some of the buildings I draw are not strictly Art Deco, however, acceptance of artistic license means I can make them look Art Deco.

My first illustration was in 2006 and that was the Sunny Worthing, followed by Shoreham Airport, now known as Brighton City Airport. My most recently drawing is Royal Pavilion in Brighton. So now I have evolved from a graphic designer to a Digital Artist, where I write my own briefs. Exciting!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you see. Please contact me if you would like anything personalised or commissioned.


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