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Pastel Blue Wallpaper featuring gateway to Marine Gardens Bowling Pavilion, Worthing

  • Wallpaper in Art Deco style featuring Marine Gardens Bowling Pavilion, Worthing
  • Pale blue and white contemporary design
  • This coastal architecture wallpaper is MADE TO ORDER, and the image size can be adjusted to suit your space.
  • Looks fantastic opulence when printed on pearlescent or matt wallpaper
  • Perfect solution for feature and focus walls.
  • Perfect for interior designers wanting to inject a local flavour into their projects
  • The pattern is inspired by the patterns in Casablanca, Morocco
  • Smooth Matt  (modern, contemporary)
    1m x 1m is £55.00
  • Sable (slightly textured - will cover minor imperfections)
    1m x 1m is £65.00
  • Pearl  (luxurious, opulent)
    1m x 1m is £75.00
  • Please note there is an artwork resizing fee of £50 which is refundable once the wallpaper is purchased.

Love the Style? Let’s Create Something Unique for You!

Captivated by the Art Deco elegance of this design? Imagine having a unique piece, tailor-made just for you! I’m excited to offer custom design commissions, where your vision meets my artistic expertise. Use this link to select a commission package that’s right for you, or call Vicky Anne Vaughan on 07909 693172 to bring your idea to life.