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Retro Riviera: Candy Skies over Worthing’s Beach Huts in Pop Art


Worthing's Coastal Whimsy: A Giclée Print Illustration

Embark on a visual journey to the sea-sprayed coasts of Worthing with our enchanting illustration, seamlessly blending art deco and pop art aesthetics.

Vibrant Serenity by the Sea This piece showcases the iconic white beach huts of Worthing, accentuated with playful pops of yellow, pink, and blue. These colors vivaciously stand out against the backdrop of gentle candy skies, symbolizing a harmonious balance between playful vibrancy and tranquil serenity. The azure sea, subtly peeping in the background, offers a soothing, rhythmic cadence to the composition.

A Meld of Styles Conjuring nostalgic reminiscences of the art deco era while intertwining bold and vivid hues, the piece exhibits a symbiotic alliance between the elegant, streamlined designs of the past and the pulsating, vivacious energy of pop art.

Worthing's Iconic Luminescence Adding a dose of locality and authenticity, the illustration warmly embraces Worthing’s famed street lighting, illuminating the artwork with a cozy and welcoming glow.

Details & Availability

  • Title: WORTHING (Boldly traversing across the top)
  • Sizes: A4, A3, and A2
  • Print: High-quality Giclee
  • Presentation: Offered with a sleek black frame and white mount

This artwork not only provides a picturesque view of Worthing's idyllic coastal scenery but also stands as a timeless piece, inviting viewers into a space where the tranquility of the sea and vibrant coastal life coexist beautifully.

Available for purchase now, immerse your space with a piece that is both a love letter to Worthing and a sublime mesh of art styles.

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Love the Style? Let’s Create Something Unique for You!

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