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A cartoon illustration on a pink background. The character holds a 'How to be a Spiritual Goddess' card alongside an 'L' (learner) plate

Home of Peaceful Soul in Training:
Adventures of a Peaceful Soul Trainee on the Path to Enlightenment

Welcome to “Peaceful Soul in Training” by Vicky Anne Vaughan ?Step into a world where spiritual growth meets light-hearted humour. Here, in our curated collection of cards and gifts, you’ll find the latest cartoons from the “Peaceful Soul in Training: How to Become a Spiritual Goddess” series. Crafted with vibrant digital illustration and insightful humour, each piece beautifully captures the whimsical challenges of finding one’s inner peace amidst the chaos of modern life. Soon to be available on Thortful. If you can’t wait until then, please contact me.


For the enthusiasts and enthusiasts, take a quirky flight with our “Funky Nerd Bird“range — the perfect gifts for petrol heads, bus spotters, and plane spotters. Dive into the nostalgic elegance with our “Art Deco Illustration” collection, a blend of timeless style and contemporary finesse.Whether you’re on a spiritual journey, a lover of transport, or an admirer of classic Art Deco, there’s a card, gift, or illustration designed with passion just for you. Explore, indulge, and find that perfect piece that speaks to your soul.

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