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Welcome Hip Bus Nerds, Retro Nerds and Curve Nerds! This page is for you. You may have noticed the odd vintage car or bus in my Art Deco designs. Well, I decided to make them the star of the show!  I have been designing bus livery in my day job for many years. I think that bus and train spotters get a rough deal, so Funky Nerd Bird is dedicated to celebrate all bus enthusiasts and bus spotters and retro petrol heads.

Funky Nerd Bird loves nerds. Nerds are experts in their chosen subjects. However, I respect that not all nerds like being called nerds, therefore most of my designs come with a choice of branding.

If you would like a personalised product. Contact me via my contact page. Please note that I am currently populating this page. Please go to my RedBubble Shop to see the plethora of gifts for bus enthusiasts, including clocks, duvet covers, badges, mugs and more!


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