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To make people smile and put forgotten and neglected buildings back on the map, through visualisation to uplifting art, greetings cards, gifts and home decor.


Historical buildings, especially forgotten buildings, will be cherished and loved through uplifting design.
I celebrate the architects who had the vision to design these beautiful buildings for all to enjoy.
Investing in societies that align with my values and selected Global Goals.


Intuitive Creativity

As a student of transpersonal psychology, I revel in visualising the untapped potential in dilapidated buildings. My art aims not just to uplift spirits but to inspire investment in such forgotten gems, catalysing community regeneration and enhancing mental well-being for local residents. Beyond architecture, I extend my creative flair to bespoke logo and website design for discerning clients. My artistic journey thrives on experimenting with varied mediums such as watercolour, ink, and even cartooning.

Connected Communities

Rooted in Adlerian psychology, the belief that community bonds enrich life underpins my ethos. I’m committed to making a lasting impact on both local and global scales, working towards four UN Global Goals. Talent Within You, one of my community initiatives, has proven to elevate teen self-esteem; our workshops have boosted teen happiness by an average of 35%. I’ve also studied Raja Yoga at Brahma Kumaris since 2019 and shared insights on community peace-building with Sister Jayanti in 2021.

Continuous Improvement

My commitment to excellence is affirmed through Continuous Professional Development (CPD), maintaining my Fellow Membership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Leadership and Management. Constant curiosity guides me; I challenge conventional wisdom to sidestep confirmation bias. This aligns seamlessly with my Sage Brand Archetype, which finds fulfilment in unearthing evidence that contradicts prior beliefs, enriching my approach to architectural artistry.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Global Goals

The following UN SDGs are goals that Made by Me by the Sea is consciously aiming to achieve.

Made by Me by the Sea is working towards UN Global Goal 5: Gender Equality
Gender Equality
Made by Me by the Sea is working to achieve gender equality and empowerment for all women and girls.
Target 5.1: Though not an architect, my passion lies in sketching architectural wonders. In a field where gender disparity remains glaringly evident, even in 2023, my aim is for my work to serve as an inspiration, encouraging more women to enter and enrich this industry.

Target 5.2: Collaborating with Worthing Community Chest, I strive to balance the male-to-female ratio within the organisation. By bringing essential female perspectives to the table, I help ensure that the charity’s grant offerings are truly equitable, benefitting the entire local community.

Made by Me by the Sea is working towards UN Global Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Made by Me by the Sea is working to make cities and communities sustainable.
Target 11.4: My art captures architectural landmarks in their envisioned glory, stripping away the signs of decay and urban neglect. This vintage-style aesthetic has been recognised, being featured in the Surrey Times and Wealden Times. Such visibility speaks to my desire to attract investment into crumbling heritage sites, like Madeira Terrace, which has recently received funding for renovation. While I can’t claim credit for securing this grant, it’s my aspiration that my work will continue to draw attention and resources towards the preservation of these invaluable structures. Joining the Worthing Society and exploring partnerships with other heritage organisations are further steps in my commitment to safeguarding our shared cultural and natural treasures.
Made by Me by the Sea is working towards UN Global Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing
Good Health and Wellbeing
Made by Me by the Sea is working to achieve good health and wellbeing for local and global communities.
  Target 3.4: Navigating personal mental health challenges, chiefly anxiety exacerbated by menopause and the perpetual stream of distressing news, my art offers both refuge and emotional uplift. It’s gratifying that my work not only elevates my own spirits but also brings joy to its audience—a mutually beneficial exchange. Consistent with this ethos, I founded Talent Within You, an initiative that has significantly boosted local teens’ self-esteem—by an average of 35% per three-hour session. Furthermore, I recently completed a Level 2 Introduction to Counselling course, with the aspiration to extend my positive impact as a volunteer counsellor soon. Finally, all my wallpaper designs are printed on Green Guard certified paper which means that they are low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) making them safe for health clinics.
Made by Me by the Sea is working towards UN Global Goal 14: Life Below Water
Life Below Water
Made by Me by the Sea is consciously working to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.
Target 14.1: Committed to the 2025 goal of drastically reducing marine pollution, particularly land-based activities that contribute to debris and nutrient contamination, I have a daily reminder of this pressing issue. My studio overlooks an overflow outlet into the English Channel, serving as a constant call to action. I’ve organised community beach clean-ups and make it a point to conduct my own mini clean-up during every beach walk. Moreover, much of my artwork celebrates our beautiful coastline, aiming to foster a sense of stewardship for our marine ecosystems.